In the institutional sector - long thought of as stable, secure and permanent because of the longevity the institutional facilities demand - the marketplace is forcing change and conflict.

Our experience has been that there are certain characteristics of institutional projects that remain the same as the past while other portions must be adaptive and responsive to the changing times. Success is all about keeping things in perspective and making the right tradeoffs.

  • Fire Houses, 911 & Emergency Response Facilities
  • Transportation Hubs (Airports, Railroads, Ports)
  • Medical Offices, Hospitals
  • Schools, Universities
  • Courthouses, Prisons
  • Places of Worship
  • Museums
  • Newark Airtrain, NY/NJ Port Authority Bus Terminal
  • BIMC, CentraState, Hoboken UMC, St. Barnabas
  • Mormon Church, NJ Mikvah, NJ Hindu Temple
  • Max Rosenn Courthouse, Nassau County Jail
  • Woodruff Arts Center, Brookdale Museum
  • Neptune Schools, TCNJ, Rutgers, Hofstra
  • Verona NJ, MTA, Warren County NJ