DLB has used Automatic Flow Control Valves (AFVs) on multiple projects across the globe to maintain a constant flow rate through a client's critical cooling equipment.

The AFV is designed to regulate constant flow rate of the hydraulic system to meet the requirements of different mechanical equipment ranging from chillers to cooling towers.

The DLB Commissioning Team recognized the importance of the functionality of these AFVs and the importance they would have on the operation of a client's mission critical facility.

A verification process was developed to perform vigorous inspections and tests of each AFV in every step, from construction phase to occupancy phase, to ensure the proper installation and operation.


The Atlantic City Sewerage Company (ACSC) owns, operates, and maintains seven sewage pumping stations located throughout Atlantic City, New Jersey. These seven pumping stations collect and transport wastewater for treatment at the Atlantic County Utilities Authority's treatment plant facilities.

DLB Associates was commissioned by the Atlantic City Sewerage Company to conduct an arc flash analysis sufficient to provide arc flash hazard labels on equipment to comply with OSHA requirements.

The study included identifying potential arc flash levels, documenting equipment condition, producing proper arc flash signage, and developing recommendations for the repair, modification, or replacement of equipment based on its condition and the level of potential hazard posed.

The study of the seven pumping stations was conducted in a three-phase approach including a survey and observation phase, an analysis and documentation phase, and an implementation and final report phase.

DLB Associates utilizes SKM's PowerTools, which is an accepted industry standard, to calculate the available fault current, arc flash incident energy, and arc flash hazard category at each equipment location based on the distribution system characteristics.

The result of these calculations is an arc flash report that can be used to automatically generate individualized warning labels for each piece of equipment.