DLB Associates partnered with an architectural sub-consultant and a structural sub-consultant to evaluate the condition and operation of the approximately 7,000 sq.ft. Meadowlands Storm Water Pumping Station for the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority (NJSEA).

Located at the Meadowlands facility next to the IZOD Center, the station pumps storm water from the entire site to the outflow lagoon to prevent potential overflow during times of significant rainfall.

The team gathered and reviewed information related to the pumping system, electrical systems, mechanical systems, structure and architectural building shell.

Site visits to the pumping station were conducted to observe and document the condition and operation of its equipment, including:

  • Medium-voltage electrical equipment
  • Large motors (more than 250HP)
  • Heating and ventilation systems
  • Structural components
  • 10 large screw pumps
  • Emergency generator
  • Intake sluice gates
  • Controls


DLB Associates, in conjunction with valued partners, designed, managed the construction, and commissioned a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) treatment plant, allowing our client to self-treat their primary water usage.

This removed a significant amount of volume from the county sewer collection system, which was approaching capacity limits, as well as decreased monthly costs incurred.

The ETP facility's primary processes include a biological and chemical treatment system as well as the hollow fiber membrane filtration that is capable of treating 720,000 GPD peak flow.

The treatment also consists of flow equalization, screening, ultraviolet disinfection, a membrane sludge thickening system, sludge holding facilities, and two plate-and-frame filter presses for solids dewatering.


DLB Associates designed the mechanical, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, instrumentation and control systems for the Township of Ocean Sewerage Authority's wastewater treatment plant located off of Roosevelt Avenue in Ocean Township, New Jersey.

The $9.2M project cost included a wastewater treatment plant expansion and new diffuser sections on the existing outfall line. The project increased the plant's capacity from 3.6 MGD to 7.5 MGD and allowed the Borough of Deal's sewage flow to be processed by the Township of Ocean Sewerage Authority.

Modifications included the conversion of the existing aeration tanks to a UNOX-system, the addition of two final clarifiers and gravity thickening of sludge, and the addition of a new diffuser section on the outfall line.


DLB Associates was a member of the design and construction administration team providing mechanical, electrical and plumbing services for the initial construction of the Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority's Seven Mile Beach county-wide Sludge Composting Facility.

The Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority's Sludge Composting Facility is located just east of the Seven Mile Beach wastewater treatment plant on a contiguous site.

The county-wide Sludge Composting Facility was initially designed to treat 12.1 dry tons per day of sludge generated by the Authority's regional wastewater treatment plants.

The facility is an in-vessel composting facility to treat sludge produced by the four regional wastewater treatment plants.

All finished compost produced by the facility is sold by the Authority as a specialty fertilizer.


DLB has built a relationship with Exxon Mobil over the years, completing over 20 projects.

Exxon Mobil Chemical is one of the world's largest suppliers of chemical raw materials, fluids, plasticizers, lube and fuel additives, synthetic rubber, plastics and other petrochemical products.

DLB's experience in industrial, controls and automation design has presented multiple opportunities over the years for the two companies to work together.

This is one example of how effort expended by DLB at the start of a partnership has allowed a deep understanding of a client's value system resulting in repeat business. The following list highlights some of DLB's Exxon project experience across over 20 projects:

  • City Water Control Valve Design Development
  • Exhaust System Analyses (multiple studies)
  • Chemical Storage Tank Replacement
  • Light Hydro Laboratory Alterations
  • Friction Lab HVAC Design
  • Indoor Air Quality Design
  • Site Use Survey


DLB provided design services for a 115,000 sq.ft. office, laboratory, and warehouse facility in an existing building including an expanded mezzanine space. The facility included a pilot plant for small batch cosmetics manufacturing.

The project was characterized by a tight budget and a tight construction schedule. It was also imperative that the existing laboratories could begin work immediately after moving in.

Specialized systems in the project included:

  • Explosion proof labs and storage rooms
  • Centralized compressed air, deionized water, and vacuum air
  • Expanded utility services including power, domestic water, sewage, and natural gas.
  • Laboratory exhaust fume hoods