Data centers are intended to support IT equipment, not people. Although IT equipment typically has a three to five year lifecycle, sometimes it changes radically.

As a result, data center projects provide opportunities to:

  • Optimize the MEP infrastructure for reliable and energy efficient operations
  • Reduce facility adaptation costs for meeting demands of future generations of IT equipment
  • Develop affordable solutions
  • Minimize day one investments
  • Scientific & High-Performance Computing
  • Enterprise (SME, University, Medical)
  • Colocation (Retail & Wholesale)
  • Internet & Cloud Providers
  • Financial & Trading
  • Telecom Facilities
  • Cell Sites
  • Toronto University, Ernst & Young, Duke Health
  • NYSE, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, eBay
  • Level 3 Communications, Verizon Wireless, CenturyLink, Frontier, XO
  • Google (US, Belgium, Finland), Rackspace
  • Sentinel Data Centers, QTS, Internap, IO
  • AT&T, Metro PCS, T-Mobile