Using an adaptive combination of formal & informal approaches, we get to the heart of any design or installation issues proactively with studies / simulations and reactively in the field.

  • Rapid Response – We operate in a 24/7 environment, are accessible to provide expert guidance & rapidly mobilize when events occur.
  • Nuisance Trips – We can isolate the cause of consistent nuisance tripping of electrical loads & similar persistent issues.
  • HVAC Performance – Trouble maintaining heating or cooling set-points, humidity issues? We diagnose & propose solutions to resolve.
  • Simulation & Diagnostics – Facilitated by our combination of in-house expertise and advanced software tools for technical modeling.
  • On-Call Facility Event Response (pipe leaks, major electrical incidents, duct failures)
  • Building Automation System Diagnostics
  • Root Cause Analysis of Outage Events
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Feasibility Studies, Energy Audits
  • Short-Circuit & Arc Flash Studies
  • Infra-Red / Thermal Scanning
  • Hydronic System Analysis
  • Special Inspections