As a facility operator, your greatest concern is likely keeping the built environment fully operational while optimizing comfort and critical services for your occupants / users. Facility Operations demands results such as Opex Savings, Knowledge Transfer, Higher Availability, & Better Tools. The DLB Difference is delivering these results with Transparency, Trust, Cooperation, Pace, & Passion as if it were our own.

We integrate with our clients in varying capacities such as:

  • Procedure Development – Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Methods of Procedure (MOP), Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP), disaster recovery planning
  • Facility Documentation – as-builts, quick reference Operations & Maintenance (O&M), and other essential documentation
  • Embedded Manpower – engineering support during construction / commissioning, embedded operations consultant
  • Optimization / Reliability – energy conservation measures, re-commissioning, retro-commissioning
  • Troubleshooting – root cause analysis, point of failure remediation
  • On-Call Engineering Support – help desk, emergency call-ins
  • Operator Training – systems training and certification

DLB understands that engineering and operations have not traditionally been like-minded. We have realized the importance of alignment and developed a cross-functional team with technical backgrounds who understand the operational mindset, accept accountability, and function to complement your team.