At DLB, we are PASSIONATE about meeting you where you want to be met. This is accomplished by OPTIMIZING our range of services on a per project basis & leveraging a wide range of communication tools.

  • End-to-End or individual / standalone services
  • Variable scope within each service
  • Personalized DLB resource selection based on personality / behavioral traits
  • Services that are optimized for:
  • ANY PACE of project delivery / schedule
  • SMALL to MEGA projects and programs
  • SIMPLE to COMPLEX design challenges
  • ANY TYPE of project in any industry
  • ANY PHASE of project timeline
  • Leverage visualization (e.g., rendering, animation) to minimize potential for misinterpretation.
  • Treat deliverables NOT as Contract Documents but as Communication Documents.
  • Optimize documents for each reader type to deliver greatly IMPROVED RESULTS:
  • Construction Worker
  • Code Official
  • Operator
  • Bidder
  • Owner