We take pride in challenging and transforming traditional notions of engineering, using an uncommonly adaptive, clean slate methodology that eliminates the typical barriers defined by roles and trades.

Our philosophy is reflected in everything we do providing you with a differentiating edge and outstanding outcomes on your projects. This is accomplished through our continual efforts and ongoing commitment to:

  • Be easy to do business with, accessible, responsive and always empathetic towards your concerns and needs
  • Adopt a communication-centric and reader friendly approach to all deliverables (visualizations, drawings, documents, transactions, etc.)
  • Focus on the right problems to solve (not only what is obvious or conventional) and provide a multi-trade / multi-discipline holistic approach to engineering
  • Right size our services and delivery system to meet you where you want to be met with an execution that focuses on your value system
  • Focus on the impact of human behavior and channel personality traits into strengths
  • Optimize all of our internal processes to be adaptive, efficient, responsive and receptive to change
  • Leverage bleeding edge technology by adopting a power user mentality

Our work environment reflects our philosophy. We engineered our office spaces to allow people to perform their best work; unlocking the ability to deliver a higher output per hour and at a higher quality.

Our philosophy is well grounded but flexible in its application, enabling us to deliver outstanding outcomes for your projects, regardless of size, type, complexity, location, delivery system or industry.

DLB is engineered to be your consultant of choice, an extension of your staff, your go-to partner for the built environment.