DLB Associates worked with the Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA) at the Grandview Apartment Complex in Keansburg, NJ, to perform an assessment of the nine-building campus after Superstorm Sandy.

Due to the high volume of freestanding water found in one of the buildings' crawl spaces, a full-scale investigation was launched to assess the heating, mechanical, and plumbing infrastructure.

DLB surveyed all nine buildings and prepared a report that included photo documentation of the damage for insurance claims and suggested options for clean-up and damage remediation.


Most residential projects do not have professional MEP/ FP engineering involvement in the design and installation of systems. This sometimes leads to situations where things do not operate efficiently or correctly once installed.

DLB has been involved in a number of assessment projects that relate to evaluating various systems such as:

  • High rise condominium project was experiencing problems isolating the domestic riser for work on the individual apartments. DLB was called in to review the domestic water system design and installation to provide suggested solutions to the problem.
  • Clubhouse basement locker rooms were having humidity and ventilation issues. DLB was called in to evaluate the existing mechanical system and ventilation issues.


DLB helped the client of this existing home in Warwick, New York achieve his goal of being Net-Zero for constructing a barn on his property to house his car collection and another smaller building to serve as an art studio.

The owner's goal was for his new building to be NET-ZERO ENERGY, meaning that the buildings would produce as much energy as they consumed.

While there might be large initial costs, the methods DLB proposed would also produce large energy savings. Some of the solutions DLB recommended were:

  • Heat pumps – Use the ground (or a body of water) as a heat exchanger field thereby reducing the amount of energy to heat or cool a space
  • Photovoltaics – Harness the energy of the sun using metal panel roofing with integrated photovoltaic modules to turn this energy into usable power


Often reserved for only commercial and industrial projects, energy audits can play a major role in reducing the operating expenses of residences.

DLB has performed audits on equipment performance, energy usage and system operation for projects of all sizes.

Using tools such as thermal imaging, computer simulations and the physical testing of equipment for performance validation, DLB can identify the most inefficient aspects of a system and the possible improvements.

Payback analysis often identifies simple changes that can have huge impacts.