Commissioning is a quality-oriented process for achieving, verifying, and documenting that the performance of facilities, systems, and assemblies meet defined objectives and criteria.

  • Meeting Your Needs – At the outset of the project, we seek to define your requirements & use these to determine the system performance criteria that will meet your expectations.
  • Human-Centric – Most unplanned facility outages are caused by human error. Our design review process considers ease of maintenance, simplicity of sequences & clarity of operation.
  • Hands-On Involvement – We seek to integrate your operations team into the commissioning process to ensure they are comfortable with the systems & procedures.
  • Value – Our innovative "Adaptive Commissioning Methodology" provides you the option to dynamically adjust the testing scope based on actual performance metrics.
  • More than a Checklist – Issues discovered during commissioning lead to delays in facility operation. Troubleshooting & issue resolution should be a team effort & we want to be part of the solution.
  • Cost Savings – Our retro-commissioning process for existing buildings delivers facility operating cost reductions and improved system reliability.